Wallace quits as committee attacks flagship

Moira Wallace, the permanent secretary of the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) resigned last month, days before a critical report by the Commons’ Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECC) was published. The report, which examined her department’s flagship Energy Bill, said that continued rows between DECC and the Treasury have made the policy “unworkable.”

By Civil Service World

08 Aug 2012

Wallace said it has been a “fantastic privilege” to lead DECC. Though news of her departure emerged the night before embargoed reports were distributed, a DECC spokesman ruled out any connection between the two events. “Moira’s decision was made some time ago and it was always planned that it would be announced at the beginning of the summer break,” DECC said, adding that “it is complete chance, and totally unconnected, that the ECC report came out around the same time”.

The report pointed to weaknesses in the policy, created by the Treasury’s reluctance to back its preferred system of contracts. Tim Yeo, ECC chair, said that “the government has a lot of work to do over the summer to make sure... the bill is fit for purpose”.

A DECC spokesperson welcomed the committee’s report and said that “we are determined to use the pre-legislative scrutiny period to develop a robust and effective bill”.

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