By Civil Service World

27 Mar 2015

Civil Service World's regular guide to the very best in Whitehallese

Ballpark figure

Utter guesswork. A million? Five million? A billion? To be honest, I won’t really know until I actually start looking into it. But let’s say a million.

Hope this is helpful

Obviously it’s not helpful. In fact it probably just ruined your week. But I want you to know I’m not a monster. 


It's not rocket science

Unless you work for the British National Space Centre, in which case it is.  

A few quick thoughts

Just so you know, I’m going to tear this piece of rubbish to shreds. 


Breaking down silos

We’ve identified a need to foster a more collaborative approach between teams – hence the new sofa by the ladies’ toilets. (See also: root and branch reform.)

New ways of working

Old ways of working. But in a glossier brochure.


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