By Civil Service World

31 Jan 2020

Policy experts explore the government’s priorities for 2020 and what they mean for officials

As a new government settles into power, CSW asks the experts to tell us what we can expect in key areas of policy – and what they would like to see

Former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell on why DfID must be saved

How prime minister Boris Johnson can use his majority to create a more impactful civil society

Challenges and opportunities for transport: what Conservative pledges mean for connectivity

Reform is an opportunity for Whitehall': Policy Exchange’s Iain Mansfield on Whitehall changes.

Jon Rouse: It's time for the government to get serious on population health in 2020

Will EMOs capture the mood of ministers?

'The government needs to prove it can be trusted on infrastructure decisions'

'Ministers’ ambitious international trade agenda is just about deliverable'

‘There appears to be little appetite for a public services revolution’

‘Government can focus on creating the conditions for good work for all’

‘Global Britain requires global capabilities. The defence review must be clear what this means’

The year ahead: ‘Even if Cummings succeeds, he will fail to reform the civil service’

'The social care system needs to be replaced with something fairer’

‘You can’t fix one part of the criminal justice system in isolation’


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