By Civil Service World

04 May 2020

How have Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic? Colin Talbot speaks to Prof Leighton Andrews (Wales), Prof Nicola McEwen (Scotland) and Quinton Oliver (NI) to find out, and discuss how relationships between London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast are working

Leighton Andrews is professor of practice in public service leadership and innovation at Cardiff Business School, and a former Welsh Government minister, including as minister for education and skills, and minister for public services.

Nicola McEwen is professor of territorial politics and co-director of the Centre on Constitutional Change at the University of Edinburgh.

Quintin Oliver led the 'YES' Campaign for the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement referendum in 1998, and is the co-founder and chair of The Consultation Institute, a Director of Stratagem International and, Northern Ireland adviser to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

This interview is part of Colin Talbot's interview series Governments vs the virus, looking at responses to coronavirus around the world.

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