MoJ celebrates ‘hidden heroes’ of the justice system

National day recognises work of those in UK prisons, immigration control centres, probation and youth justice services
Photo: Butler Trust

By Richard Johnstone

29 Sep 2021

Ministry of Justice permanent secretary Antonia Romeo has joined ministers and other officials form across the department in saluting the work of those across the justice system on the second annual Hidden Heroes day.

The day of recognition was first held in 2020, and will now be an annual event where prisons, probation and youth justice services right across the UK pay tribute to their workforce for their critical public service.

The event organised by Butler Trust, is intended to “thank everyone across the custodial and community justice estate for their truly outstanding service throughout the pandemic. It’s also an opportunity to show them that, while they may be largely hidden from public view, they’re not forgotten, and that the people who know them best truly appreciate all they’ve done, and continue to do, at this time”.

In a video message posted on Twitter with departmental colleagues, Romeo said that more than 58,000 people work in prisons, probation service and across youth justice.

“All of you put public protection at the heart of criminal justice, helping  to curt crime and reduce reoffending. Well done, and thank you for everything you do.”

Jo Farrar, the MoJ’s second permanent secretary and the chief executive of HM Prisons and Probation Service, paid tribute to “every one of you keeps the system running”

“You continue to do an incredible  job, working together to help people lead law abiding and positive lives. Tank you – the work you are doing is amazing.”

Justice secretary and deputy prime minister Dominic Raab said that staff across ss the justice system “work in an essential public service” that is relayed on by victims, families and businesses right across the country.

“Relied upon to deliver justice outcomes that really matter to them in their daily lives, and the prison and probation service plays an enormous role in all of that work. So I wanted to say a big thank you to all of those  working in those services for your dedication as we work to recover, to rebuild and to restore the justice system after the pandemic.”

Prisons and probation minister Victoria Atkins added that Hidden Heroes day is an opportunity to pay tribute to all those in the sector. “It is absolutely right that you are recognised and applauded for your outstanding work throughout the pandemic, and for the critical role you play in keeping the public safe.”

The full range of messages can be viewed on the #HiddenHeroesDay hashtag.

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