More training needed for cloud IT

The majority  (88%) of civil servants believe their department needs more training in order to be able to take advantage of cloud computing, according to a survey carried out by Civil Service World and cloud services provider Eduserv.


By Suzannah.Brecknell

02 Jun 2014

Nearly half (49%) said their department doesn’t have “the technical skills needed to implement cloud computing”, while 75% said the opportunities provided by cloud computing are not “sufficiently well understood by stakeholders”.

The survey received 829 respondents. Among those who said their department has implemented cloud-based technology, 32% said in-house skills and knowledge of migrating to cloud was an important factor in their ability to adopt cloud solutions, while 34% described organisational buy-in as important. However the factor which appears to have been most relevant is the presence of suppliers able to provide the right services: 48% said this was an important or very important factor.

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