Southampton Integrated Commissioning Unit: Giving more vulnerable people independence by transforming care technology

How can technology help vulnerable people live more independently? PA Consulting presents a case study of their work on the 'Connected Care' service.
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We’ve helped transform our care technology service in Southampton so hundreds more people can live more independent lives. By building upon the successes of the existing private pay telecare service and transforming how the service works we’ve helped implement the delivery of a range of care technology solutions to benefit Adult Social Care clients.

Key successes
  • developed a service that is centred on users, making it more accessible for patients and health practitioners
  • leveraged digital technology to reduce the time it takes to get a referral appointment
  • used GPS fall detectors to help ensure vulnerable people are safe.
Using technology to provide better care 

Southampton’s care technology service – which provides and monitors technology to support vulnerable people, including the elderly – wasn’t originally set up to drive up demand at scale. Southampton City Council and Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group wanted greater numbers of service users and patients to benefit. We worked with both organisations to rebrand and launch the ‘Connected Care’ service.

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