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Meet the minister: a civil servant’s guide to the first day with the new boss

8 January 2018

A cabinet minister’s first day at their new department can set the tone for years to come. Andrew Greenway recalls those early encounters

Dave Penman: Gove and Johnson’s HMRC attacks an unacceptable slight on civil servants

4 January 2018

Two Cabinet ministers have effectively accused civil servants of politically-motivated attacks. They cannot hide behind anonymous sources to attack hard working government professionals

What will Brexit mean for the government’s immigration agencies?

3 January 2018

After the conclusion of the first phase of Brexit talks, focus has now moved to the transition deal likely to take effect from 2019. But the impact of leaving the EU on Whitehall’s immigration agencies will be permanent, says Matt Bevington, a research assistant at UK in a Changing Europe

Andrew Greenway: Whitehall’s reasons to be cheerful before a horrific 2018

15 December 2017

Parts of the civil service have spent 2017 developing bold new ways to do things in government. They must prosper in what will be an uncomfortable year ahead

Grenfell Tower inquiry: nine lessons from previous Whitehall probes

13 December 2017

The government has recently set up a number of high-profile inquiries, including into child sexual abuse and the Grenfell Tower fire. As the terms of reference for the Grenfell Tower probe are finalised, this is how inquiries can earn trust

Opinion: Good infrastructure plans balance politics with evidence

11 December 2017

You can’t take the politics out of big projects, but strengthening the National Infrastructure Commission and building the evidence base will lead to wiser decisions

Dave Penman: Civil service could win 'worst pay in the public sector' award

7 December 2017

The system for civil service pay has turned into both a farce and a disaster. The government must lift the 1% cap and take action to address the gap with the private sector

Bright start: reviewing a decade of Whitehall apprentices

4 December 2017

As the civil service apprenticeships drive moves up a gear, Cabinet Office early talent manager Kimberley Adderley looks back on a decade of progress with Whitehall veteran Ian Watmore

Transformation and collaboration in action: reflections on Public Bodies Week

1 December 2017

Susanna Smith from the Public Chairs’ Forum and Association of Chief Executives highlights the key themes – from relocations to Brexit – being discussed at Cabinet Office’s Public Bodies Week

A private sector hitchhiker’s guide to the civil service

1 December 2017

As she leaves government to return to the private sector, Sherin Aminossehe shares her lessons from working in Whitehall – from the ministers to the acronyms

Opinion: How to maintain healthy public bodies

30 November 2017

From weather forecasting to healthcare inspection, public bodies play a crucial role in maintaining public services. Lesley Ann Nash, the director for public bodies reform at the Cabinet Office, explains what government is doing to keep them fit for purpose