Parties in final election push

Written by Alain Tolhurst on 11 December 2019 in News

Jeremy Corbyn tells country to "vote for hope" as Boris Johnson promises "brighter future" in final election push

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Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson are travelling across the UK in the final day of campaigning offering competing visions of the UK if they win Thursday’s election.

The Labour leader will tell the country to “vote for hope” as he addresses a rally in Middlesbrough and say his party would “save our NHS” if they got into government.

And in an apparent attempt to head off Boris Johnson’s central message that the Tories will “get Brexit done”, Corbyn will say: “Labour will get Brexit sorted.”


Meanwhile the prime minister will highlight that the Conservatives “need nine more seats for a majority”.

He will say: “This is not just about those who voted leave.

“However you voted in the EU referendum, your priorities have been ignored over the last three years whilst parliament has been in gridlock – unable to focus on the issues that matter to you, because it was so busy arguing with itself about Brexit.

“That is why we are having this election. So we can deliver on the result of three years ago and then move on, focus on the people’s priorities.”

With the polls still showing a healthy Conservatve lead, Corbyn is attempting to focus on his party’s key offer to voters of putting “money in your pocket” to win over floating voters.

He will tell his audience: “My message to all those voters who are still undecided is that you can vote for hope in this election.

“You can vote for a Labour government that will be on your side. A Labour government that will save our NHS.”

He will add: “We will put money in your pocket because you deserve it. The richest and big business will pay for it.

“We will save our NHS by giving it the money it needs, ending privatisation and by not selling it out to Trump.

“And Labour will get Brexit sorted – we will secure a good deal for working people, and give you the final say.”

Both men will say this election is the most important in a generation as they tour a host of target seats across the country.

Johnson’s message to voters is: “The result will define the next decade – will we go forward, grow as a country, unleash our potential? Or will we remain stuck, stood still, unable to make any progress?

“Tomorrow at the ballot box you have the opportunity to tell politicians that you want Brexit done.”

He will add: “There’s only one way to tell them that. And that’s by voting Conservative.

“We have one more day. Make sure you have your voice heard.

“Vote to honour the promises of the past and for a brighter vision of the future. Vote Conservative tomorrow.”

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