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27 Jun 2014

ID Logistics strengthens the performance of its teams in France and globally by using a SaaS-based Learning and Talent Management solution

About ID Logistics
Created in 2001, ID Logistics provides supply-chain optimisation and logistics services for large corporate distributors and industrial companies in France and abroad. In 2012, ID Logistics had a turnover of €562m and more than 10,000 employees in 12 countries.

Scope, Business Challenges and Objectives
Since its creation, ID Logistics has been growing rapidly and is now a successful international company. To support its development, it has been crucial for the group to strengthen and develop the skills of its
employees. The strong growth of the group has also meant that the company is constantly recruiting, and these new recruits need to be onboarded effectively.

In 2011, a consultation was started to find a provider which could manage the complex and decentralised nature of the company. Eventually, the solution would encompass all 10,000 employees across the 141 sites worldwide. The chosen solution also needed to integrate with existing systems, irrespective of geography.

Why Cornerstone OnDemand?
ID Logistics chose Cornerstone OnDemand to provide a dynamic and multilingual tool for Learning Management (including blended learning combining Instructor-led Training and E-learning) Talent, Performance and Succession management.

The tool is SaaS-based, and according to group HRD, Sébastien Guiragossian, “[it] offered a simple, flexible and swift integration. It does not require the intervention of an external contractor. Our HR teams were able to directly exchange ideas with the consultants of Cornerstone, the dialogue being mainly about the functional aspects rather than the technical aspects of the solution. Furthermore, SaaS provides access at a very reasonable cost.”

The Cornerstone OnDemand team worked closely with the Human Resources Division of the group and the line managers of the French sites of the group. For Sebastien Guiragossian, this has been the key to the success of the project. “The implementation of a corporate HR solution is too often the private preserve of HR management. However, it is more than just an HR or corporate project and we understood that success depends heavily on the line manager’s involvement. It is far easier for them to take ownership of the tool if they participate in its development and implementation. HRD does not own the tools. On the contrary, HRD should only take the role of a guide, a pilot and facilitator for the working groups.” To implement the solution, Cornerstone OnDemand’s team used the agile method, which made the process
much more efficient. According to Guiragossian: “Having preconceptions may slow down the process and lead to failure. We needed to keep in mind that this is an open ended tool and we should not be scared to use it. The agile approach is the right one.”

Results / Business Impact
• Assists development of HR team knowledge, which in turn enables development of individual and company-wide performance
• Support global expansion by enabling a rapid training and on-boarding process for new employees.
• Operational excellence in HR: Global visibility, optimised training management with continuous improvement, talent and performance management on a global scale.

The solution has been in place for one year, and it has worked well for the employees of ID Logistics.

HR has also benefitted substantially from it and according to Guiragossian: “The tool deployed by Cornerstone OnDemand acts like a catalyst: it gives us a greater reactivity and takes us towards operational
excellence, allowing us to develop our own HR expertise for the development of the individual and collective performance. Now, we can coherently implement Talent Management in the group’s international subsidiaries, identifying and meeting training, development and recruiting needs.”

Next steps
The solution is constantly developing to mirror developments in the external world. Specifically, this includes new modules integrating regulatory aspects from local legislation. In future, ID Logistics will deploy the solution to the group’s main subsidiaries abroad. A user training schedule is already in place in South Africa. 

Cornerstone OnDemand is a global provider of comprehensive learning and talent management software and services. Our solution is designed to help organisations empower their people and maximise the productivity of their workforce. To learn more, visit

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