By Cornerstone

27 Jun 2014

Cornerstone provide advice on effective approaches for learning management.

ONE: Connect employee development with learning activities
By ensuring learning activities are seen within the context of—and connected to—development paths, organisations can support meaningful employee growth. While single training sessions are quickly forgotten, multiple, targeted learning activities ensure integration between career paths and organisational goals.

RESULT: Create learning activities within the context of both employee career paths and company goals for success across the entire organisation.

TWO: Align training with organisational goals
The health of your organisation depends on productivity and profitability, factors directly affected by each employee’s skills, knowledge, and abilities. Working from the top down to integrate training first with organisational goals creates a talent management approach designed to foster growth and success.

RESULT: Support your company’s long-term vision with employee development relevant to organisational goals.

THREE: Offer multi-platform mobile training
In a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture, employees rely on a variety of devices for communication, learning, and productivity. Ensuring employees can receive and interact with content on multiple platforms—iOs, Android, Blackberry—is critical to facilitating mobile learning and development.

RESULT: Reach all employees on all devices—anywhere and at any time—with key learning and development content.

FOUR: Make social collaboration part of your culture
By prioritising social collaboration, organisations can capture best practises, increase productivity by shortening time to solutions, and engage employees. Social collaboration as a cornerstone of your company’s culture eliminates duplication of effort, allows documents to be shared in real time, anytime, and fosters social learning.

RESULT: Engage, inspire, and connect by sharing information across the office—and across the globe.

FIVE: Track completion and certifications effectively
Manually tracking learning completions and certifications is neither efficient nor effective. An automated, real-time tracking system can minimize risk—and paperwork—by ensuring each employee has completed critical regulatory requirements on time.

RESULT: Achieve compliance and reduce risk by automating routine tasks.

About the Cornerstone Learning Cloud
The Cornerstone Learning Cloud empowers organisations to develop, deploy, manage, and sustain a comprehensive learning program with social collaboration tools, mobile learning opportunities,
and a wealth of content services.

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