David Cameron's new Cabinet meets for the first time

Prime minister David Cameron to promise moves on benefit cap and childcare will be at the centre of the Queen's Speech

By Josh May

12 May 2015

David Cameron will tell his new Cabinet to pursue a message of “blue-collar Conservatism” as they meet for the first time following the Conservatives' election victory.

When the ministers gather this morning, the prime minister will say that he is putting two bills – one lowering the benefit cap to £23,000 per year to fund apprenticeships and one doubling the amount of free childcare people are entitled to – at the heart of the first Queen's Speech of the parliament.

Cameron is expected to say: “Every decision we take, every policy we pursue, every programme we initiate, never forget: we’re here to give everyone in our country the chance to make the most of their life.

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"The pundits might call it ‘blue-collar Conservatism’, others being on the side of hardworking taxpayers. I call it being the real party for working people.”

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