DExEU civil servant ‘leaves Whitehall to work for Labour’

Mike Hatchett to return to work for Jeremy Corbyn less than a year after leaving Labour to work for government on Brexit

Photo: PA

By Richard Johnstone

30 May 2018

An expert in EU regulation is to leave the Department for Exiting the European Union to head up the Labour Party’s policy and research operations, it has been reported.

Mike Hatchett, who initially left the Labour Party six months ago to work for DExEU, is to return to work for Jeremy Corbyn and is likely to play a key role in shaping the party’s Brexit policy.

DExEU has confirmed that Hatchett, who has also previously worked for the Treasury and the UK Representation to the EU (UKREP), is to leave the department.


A spokesperson for DExEU told the Huffington Post: “Mike Hatchett works for DExEU as a middle-ranking civil servant. In line with policy, he has informed us that he wishes to take up a new role outside of government.

“Under the Government Business Appointment rules we have reached an agreement with Hatchett and placed a series of conditions regarding this appointment, which he and his future employer are aware of, as per the usual protocols of this policy.”

Responding to the unusual move, one Whitehall figure told The Sun: “It has gone down pretty badly to have someone walking out of the door and straight back to the opposition.”

Before joining DExEU last October, Mike Hatchett worked as head of economic policy for Labour.

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