DVLA sponsors Swansea TechHub as part of digital strategy

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has become a sponsor for TechHub Swansea. Mike Bracken (pictured), head of the Government Digital Service, launched the initiative in Swansea today. 

By Sarah.Aston

14 Nov 2014

A faction of TechHub, a global network for tech entrepreneurs to meet, work, learn and collaborate, Swansea TechHub was co-founded by local entrepreneurs to boost technology business in the area.

Through the initiative, DVLA will work with graduates and start-ups at Swansea TechHub to improve the services it provides to the public as part of the DVLA’s strategy to “accelerate and expand digital transformation”.

DVLA will also share its knowledge and experience to mentor these start-ups in their projects, and will be able to offer placements and projects to undergraduates.

Over the two-year programme, DVLA hopes to reduce both the agency’s reliance on large IT suppliers and operating costs.

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