DWP kicks off identity assurance programme

The recently published Cabinet Office tender to procure digital identity assurance (IDA) services for the DWP is to be used across the whole of government, Mike Bracken, executive director of digital at the Cabinet Office has said.

By Civil Service World

07 Mar 2012

The tender “goes out with the DWP name, which is the first contracting authority, but it will be used for all departments”, he explained in an interview with CSW.

According to Bracken, the plan is to introduce HMG-wide standards into the DWP tender, and then over time transfer the approach to the Government Procurement Service – which will offer a centralised portal for procuring IDA services recognised across Whitehall.

The contract notice, which was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) on 1 March, seeks partners that can deliver secure identity assurance capabilities, allowing users of the government’s digital benefits services to choose from a range of companies offering IDA services.

The framework agreement will be for a period of 18 months only. Bracken explained that this will enable digital IDA services to evolve rapidly as requirements change.

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