How did you…win a TW3 Award?

Director general of the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Aid Agency and corporate services group Matthew Coats explains why his team won the TW3 Award for Technology 

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By Sarah.Aston

06 Mar 2015

Why do you think the Ministry of Justice won the Technology Award?

The whole workplace transformation program is really a mixture of ingredients, and a general upgrade and improvement to our employment offer in an increasingly competitive world.

The key ingredients are the physical environment, our approach to flexible working, and the technology and tools we give people.


What can other departments learn from your program?

We’re doing what lots of government departments are doing, and the cabinet office is supporting us in doing. We’re trying to provide modern mobile technology and flexible modern tools that encourage collaboration.

The team at the Ministry of Justice has done really well, but so have loads of other teams across Whitehall so I think we can learn from each other and promote best practice.


Why do you think the TW3 Awards are important?

The awards highlight that something really important is going on across not just Whitehall and central government, but the whole of public sector.

They also bring into sharp focus the tremendous work that a group of people are doing to make a big difference to their colleague’s working lives.

 I really welcome what’s been done, I think the cabinet office has done a fantastic job in organizing this and running the program, and we’re really grateful for the recognition they’re giving us today.


How will you continue to transform the workplace?

For us, workplace transformation and the TW3 program is about an overall improvement so we’ll continue to develop and enhance each strand of technology and our approach to physical work.

We also plan to bring this approach to more people across the Ministry of Justice and the justice system to make a difference to people working lives. To help them fit together their careers and the time they spend at work with the responsibilities and things they have to do in the rest of their lives.


TW3 is part of the Civil Service Reform Plan, which aims to modernise the civil service work environment.



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