ICT surgery to boost SMEs’ sales

SMEs working in technology are to be invited to participate in a ‘product surgery’. The aim is to increase commissioners’ knowledge of products and services that could achieve the objectives laid out in the government’s ICT strategy.

By Civil Service World

01 Feb 2012

The Crown representative for SMEs, Stephen Allott, wants small and medium-sized businesses to connect with procurement officials. Likened to speed dating for business, product surgeries allow firms to make a 10 minute pitch to officials.

In an interview with CSW, Allott said ICT is the most obvious area of business to focus on. “Last year we did ‘blue sky’ product surgeries about anything that might be interesting. They were useful but undirected. This year we will be more focused,” he said. “There is a big push on ICT strategy and it’s the area I know best. There is also more innovation: most of the ‘blue sky’ ideas were in ICT.”

The surgeries are expected to take place later this year.

Read the full interview with Allott

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