Private Sector Insight

Want to make a strategy stick? Make it part of everyone's everyday

30 July 2019

PA Consulting speak about the work they're doing with the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation), and what they've learned about the important role people play in a transformation strategy...

SMS for Life: How smartphones are helping track stock levels of essential medicines

30 July 2019

Vodafone presents a case study of the programme which is helping to eliminate stock-outs of essential medicines in remote areas

Trends to Watch: Network Services

30 July 2019

BT spoke with Ovum's Brian Washburn about the network trends taking place in 2019, covering SD-WAN, NFV, hybrid networking and cloud connectivity services 

Different metrics, same mechanisms: Public vs. private sector marketing

29 July 2019

Proxima examines the different approaches to advertising in the private and public sectors, and offers insight into the public sector campaigns process

‘Virtual Teacher' platform introduced at Eastern Cape school

23 July 2019

Vodafone are behind an initiative in Johannesburg which sees some of the country's best teachers delivering lessons to students remotely - made possible by portable hardware 

How CIOs are shaping their networks for a digital future

23 July 2019

BT walks through how CIOs are riding the wave of new network technology like SD-WAN, NFV, Cloud and Hybrid to shape their network for a digital future 

The future for commercial is bright… but are we staring at the sun?

17 July 2019

Commercial teams in the public sector are taking huge strides to improve their capability and influence, but Proxima asks - do we risk being blinded by undeliverable promises and expectations?

Organisational agility can help local government deliver change

16 July 2019

Over the past 10 years, our changing society and austerity have pushed UK local authorities to deliver more with less. PA Consulting outlines how organisations can benefit from an agile approach...

Collaboration is key to protecting digital society

9 July 2019

The managing director of BT Security explains how partnerships are essential for a safer connected world

Practical Guide: Make a cultural shift to unlock cloud gains

9 July 2019

In order to make the most of the cloud, you have to embrace a cultural shift and change your habits - in this guide, Vodafone offers helpful advice for unlocking huge gains

Diversity and digital technologies: what can we learn from the next generation?

9 July 2019

PA Consulting on why improving diversity in digital tech is the most important way to ensure that the industry continues to flourish - and how to promote diversity in the sector 

Promoting the SME agenda in Government: An interview with a member of the SME Advisory Panel

5 July 2019

Proxima speaks with Jonathan Lewis about what progress the SME advisory panel has already made, and what remains to be done 

The changing face of UK aid: How to deliver mutual prosperity

2 July 2019

Any Spending Review will require departments to consider the UK Aid Strategy. PA Consulting outlines 4 key lessons to bear in mind when designing aid portfolios