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A picture of reimagine reducing reoffending

Reimagine reducing reoffending

26 September 2016

KPMG's Chloe Burton offers her thoughts on how the introduction of a Prisoner Performance Manager could help reduce reoffending by incentivising good behaviour through support provisions that...

A picture of high speed rail

Big infrastructure demands true teamwork

12 September 2016

It’s the biggest project on the government’s infrastructure shopping list, but KPMG's Sue Kershaw reckons HS2 will rely on people management as much as pile-drivers.

Personalisation KPMG

Reimagine an age of more personalised services for citizens

1 September 2016

Digital technology offers the public sector unprecedented opportunities to shape services for citizens, writes KPMG’s Adrian Clamp

A picture of a driverless car

Reimagine travel: how driverless cars will redefine our roads

19 August 2016

KPMG looks into the enormous benefits of automated cars and how they will radically change travel

A picture of the digital traveller article image

Digital Traveller: how data technologies could reimagine UK transport

11 August 2016

KPMG mapped out a business journey from Essex to Scotland, and considered how things work now and how they might develop over the next five years.

A picture of Sharon Bagshaw, VP, Public Sector, IBM UK Ltd

Are we entering a “cognitive” era?

2 August 2016

IBM’s Vice President, Public Sector, Sharon Bagshaw sits down with Civil Service World to discuss cognitive technology and the future of government digital transformation

A picture Reimagine staff management

Reimagine staff management

26 July 2016

The world is changing – and so must the civil service. Ian Lithgow and Mike Falvey map out a way to give public servants more flexible and varied careers, whilst stimulating local economies and...

A picture of the Sopra Steria round table

How can digital technology transform government?

11 July 2016

While some civil servants are tech savvy, others lack the skills to embrace 21st-century ways of working. How can this be addressed? Mark Smulian reports on a recent CSW round table discussing...

woman in paddy fields with umbrella

Reimagine aid allocation

15 June 2016

How DFID can educate and empower the British public to back its work and investment across global nations.

A picture of the bringing government to life

Bringing government data to life

8 June 2016

Microsoft shows a few of the ways that governments can turn data into insight

A picture of the Reimagine construction image

Reimagine construction

3 June 2016

The government is determined to cut public sector costs, to rebalance the economy, and to drive up exports....