Private Sector Insight

What’s more likely to influence healthcare costs - the needs of patients, or where they live?

1 October 2019

PA Consulting offer insight on their work with the NHS, exploring how allocating funds differently can allow the service to do more with less 

Cloud security – it’s not black and white

1 October 2019

Nigel Hawthorn looks at how to review cloud use, report on risks and apply policies to reduce likely data loss incidents in this latest insight from BT

The CISOs and CIOs guide to securing networks in a digital age

24 September 2019

New network technology creates new risk, but the same technology is driving a step-change in how we think about security, writes BT

Hampshire County Council: Helping people live independently for longer using consumer technology

17 September 2019

PA Consulting talk about their work with Hampshire County Council to find innovative ways of using digital technology that would transform the lives of people who rely on social care support...

The age of virtualisation

17 September 2019

After more than 20 years of stability, networks are going through a period of dramatic transformation. BT looks beyond the hype at the real benefits of virtualisation.

Brexit Report: Is it day-to-day commercial demands which will catch us out?

11 September 2019

What does Brexit mean for Government Commercial? Proxima walks through some of the main areas of uncertainty, and the efforts that have been made to prepare

Is it time to put the human at the heart of connected workplaces?

10 September 2019

Workplace productivity is being negatively affected by a world that has undergone massive technological advancements to become always 'switched on', research by Vodafone explains

Digital Transformation: Connecting and protecting with perfect predictability

10 September 2019

How can you stay ahead in the fast-paced world of digital technology? BT describes how it's a matter of focus... 

Accelerating cloud transformation through good governance

3 September 2019

Cloud providers are maturing fast, offering an ever-expanding range of products and services. PA Consulting defines an approach for making the most out of a cloud transformation

How to stay ahead of a changing threat landscape

3 September 2019

The security threat landscape is confusing and changing rapidly – there’s so much out there, how do you understand where the true risks are? BT offers insight from their own experience

The cyber security skills challenge: Hiring for tomorrow

27 August 2019

Organisations must alter their approach to cyber security recruitment in order to combat the global shortage of security professionals, writes BT 

Augmented Intelligence: digital transformation with humans in the loop

20 August 2019

BT reviews an event looking at how man and machine are working together to drive digital transformation

Looking down the other end of the telescope: Why successful integrated care needs to be unequal

20 August 2019

What if we took a different perspective on those core NHS principles of ‘need’, and designed care around socioeconomic need as well as clinical need? PA Consulting investigates

Assessing ITT responses – does MEAT cut to the bone…?

16 August 2019

Proxima examines the systems currently in place for awarding public sector contracts, and asks whether there are alternative options that achieve better value