Private Sector Insight

A picture of charities and the public sector working together

Charities and the Public Sector are Stronger Together

23 May 2016

New research by Vodafone explores the benefits of a robust partnership between public- and third...

A picture of Harnessing Flight Data

Case Study: Harnessing Flight Data to Transform UK Airspace

18 May 2016

NATS, which manages all flights in UK controlled airspace, has achieved unprecedented results using Microsoft's SQL Server and Azure

A picture of SQL

Unlocking the power of big data

16 May 2016

Microsoft surveys a handful of capabilities offered by SQL Server 2016

A picture of reimagining care

Reimagine care

12 May 2016

KPMG explores the use of digital platforms to improve life for service users and carers

A picture of Kru Desai, KPMG

Reimagining Government

12 May 2016

KPMG’s Head of Government and Infrastructure Kru Desai sits down with Civil Service World to discuss a career in public sector transformation and why she’s looking forward to leading a challenge...

A picture of Reimagine feeding families

Reimagine feeding families

12 May 2016

KPMG on food subscriptions for families receiving means-tested benefits​

A picture of Reimagine digital service for SMEs

Reimagine digital service for SMEs

12 May 2016

KPMG imagines a new digital service designed to liberate UK small businesses from bureaucracy whilst cutting cost to government

A picture bribery prevention

When it comes to bribery, prevention is better than cure

4 May 2016

CIPFA examines the ‘red flags’ in behaviour that will help individuals notice if they're running foul of the UK Bribery Act 2010.

A picture of Andrew Johnston, CS Healthcare

Beyond the comfort zone: Andrew Johnston of CS Healthcare

25 April 2016

Andrew Johnston, who spent 30 years at the Government Actuary’s Department, reflects on the parallels between his career in Whitehall and his current role as chair of CS Healthcare in our Q&A...

Fighting crime with technology photo

Fighting crime with technology

21 April 2016

Microsoft reviews the technology that can help police officers perform their jobs more effectively