Private Sector Insight

The school where robots learn to help people – and each other

2 July 2019

In the future, there are many activities in which robots could assist humans. Vodafone explains some of the leaps in technology we can expect to see in the future 

WATCH: The importance of managed services to intelligent connectivity

2 July 2019

If day-to-day IT operations are taking resources away from your organisation's strategic priorities, BT has some helpful advice

What does Social Value mean for the forward thinking CPO?

28 June 2019

Too often Corporate Social Responsibility is seen as a passing fad - including by those in the civil service - says Proxima. They ask: will 2019 be a step-change year?

Why a robot could be your therapist: the future of AI and emotion

25 June 2019

If your therapist was a robot would you be more or less likely to trust it with your emotional wellbeing? And would you buy a microwave that could press your emotional buttons? Vodafone looks to...

Enhancing the collective response to online child exploitation

25 June 2019

The collective response to protecting children from online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) needs closer coordination to maximise impact and safeguard children, says PA Consulting

Lessons learned from business cases for SD-WAN

25 June 2019

BT has huge experience working with global multinationals on their business case for SD-WAN, and here they lay out a detailed understanding of the real benefits and challenges 

Becoming 'Commercial': Managing public sector expenditure

19 June 2019

Managing public sector spending is so much more than just 'procurement' or 'sourcing', Proxima writes in this article, which examines the government's approach to commercial

Creating a ‘single front door’ to battle online CSEA

18 June 2019

New research from PA Consulting indicates that the way government, law enforcement, technology companies and third sector organisations collaborate must change

Unlocking the secret to people behaviour change

18 June 2019

This article from BT outlines how focusing on user experience can drive productivity, better engagement and attract the best talent

How can Unified Communications benefit your digital transformation strategy?

11 June 2019

Vodafone explains what Unified Communications (UC) is, why it's essential to any digital transformation strategy and how it could open up new opportunities within organisations 

The evolution of the procurement function in the public sector

11 June 2019

The procurement profession advises other business areas on how to spend their money more wisely. Proxima details a scale for organisations to judge their procurement journey by 

Connect for the best cloud experience

11 June 2019

Ensuring the right connectivity between hybrid networks and cloud services can be difficult. BT has provided free advice on how to balance the risk and reward of the cloud

The rise of drones

4 June 2019

With the commercial and domestic use of drones now taking off, government bodies and regulators are watching the situation unfold closely. Vodafone's new research offers practical insights into...