Private Sector Insight

Quantum cryptography and the future of security

19 November 2018

Quantum computers will soon make some of our strongest encryption useless. And that's where quantum cryptography comes in

Intelligent Connectivity is transforming central government

13 November 2018

Tim Skinner, head of central government at BT, discusses Intelligent Connectivity, and how it’s transformating central government.

Make security integral to your business

5 November 2018

BT knows that digital security isn't just about technology. It's about the partnerships, intelligence and expertise you need to stay one step ahead in the security race.

Balancing security and digital transformation

22 October 2018

With the annual worldwide cost of cybercrime set to double from $3tn in 2015 to $6tn by 2021, BT offers advice on how chief information security officers can better protect their...

GDPR already isn’t working

15 October 2018

The policies may be in place, but is it happening in practice? BT's Bas de Graaf looks at the reality of GDPR today

What lies behind the AI hype?

11 October 2018

Roderick Crawford of SAS on real use cases, powerful outcomes, and how to achieve them

Three ingredients needed for successful innovation

8 October 2018

PA Consulting's Anita Chandraker explained the secret of successful innovation in a talk to business leaders on 11 July. Below are her three ingredients for making your next move

Simplicity in a complex world

8 October 2018

Cisco's Dominic Elliott shows how global organisations can embrace the benefits of SD-WAN without adding complexity