Private Sector Insight

Essex and Kent Police Forces: Saving time by using mobile technology to access records and file reports

3 December 2018

PA Consulting combined its knowledge of policing, mobile technology, commercial issues and the public sector’s five case model for business cases to help Essex and Kent police

A new era of mental health provision for young people

27 November 2018

Shire looks at how the government's green paper on children and young people's mental health can help improve outcomes for patients with ADHD

How the Internet of Things is revolutionising business

26 November 2018

BT thinks The Internet of Things is about to undergo a revolution. Over the past two decades, we've seen IoT tech evolve from a possibility, to a novelty, to an established tool that plays a vital...

Changing to stay the same

19 November 2018

PA Consulting's Paul Woodgates on how universities should adapt to a changing environment

Quantum cryptography and the future of security

19 November 2018

Quantum computers will soon make some of our strongest encryption useless. And that's where quantum cryptography comes in

Intelligent Connectivity is transforming central government

13 November 2018

Tim Skinner, head of central government at BT, discusses Intelligent Connectivity, and how it’s transformating central government.

Make security integral to your business

5 November 2018

BT knows that digital security isn't just about technology. It's about the partnerships, intelligence and expertise you need to stay one step ahead in the security race.