Private Sector Insight

Cross-Whitehall initiative: Driving prosperity and combating global poverty by understanding how the UK can have the greatest impact

11 February 2019

PA Consulting shows how the UK’s cross-government £1.2 billion Prosperity Fund aims to bring prosperity and raise people out of poverty around the world

Why BT London ICT Framework – sole provider for a pan-London procurement framework for ICT services

4 February 2019

BT understand the public sector in the capital. Frameworks offer a single, simplified way to get the ICT products and services you need

Back to basics as vice-chancellors predict a polarised future for UK universities

28 January 2019

According to research by the global innovation and transformation consultancy PA Consulting, vice-chancellors are unanimous in predicting a difficult outlook for UK universities as they face...

The technology helping survivors of domestic abuse

28 January 2019

Vodafone shows how technology and connectivity are essential tools in an effort to support survivors of domestic violence and abuse

BT Customer Experience Centres: How our infrastructure and intelligence can transform your organisation

21 January 2019

BT always talks about helping its customers be there in the moments that matter. And that’s the idea at the core of their new Customer Experience Centres. Experience BT solutions first-hand and...

One click, no clunk: meetings made simple

14 January 2019

BT shows how to move from separate audio and web conferencing services to a fully integrated video, mobile, any device from anywhere meeting experience

Building diversity into technology

14 January 2019

Rubi Kaur, a Senior Technical Architect at Vodafone Group, shares what she's learned from working with Barry Ginley and his guide dog Skye