Private Sector Insight

How to transform your organisation through sustained innovation

19 June 2018

What does it take to turn innovation into BAU? Sam Bunting and Conrad Thompson explore findings from recent PA Consulting research

Five ways to create Brexit-proof leaders

11 June 2018

As organisations adapt their strategies and plans in the light of EU-Exit, PA Consulting offers five tips to help leaders become 'Brexit-proof', ready to seize opportunities as well as naviagate...

How public services can embrace the Second Wave of Digital

4 June 2018

Digital innovation is the only way public sector organisations can deliver outstanding services in an era of funding cuts, political uncertainty and changing human behaviour.


5 minutes with an ethical hacker

4 June 2018

BT's Konstantinos Karagiannis explains ethical hacking and why it's important to exploit vulnerabilities


How to move from digital at the edge to Total Digital

30 May 2018

The digital future is here. PA Consulting's Carlo Gagliardi asks how organisations will propser in this digital world

Why go global with EU GDPR compliance?

30 May 2018

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was once seen as a threat to the competitiveness of the EU by many in Silicon Valley, but now it’s looked on forlornly as the way forward

The world is becoming Total Digital. Are you?

30 May 2018

PA Consulting's Carlo Gagliardi on the dizzying pace of technological development, and why every organisation should embrace the concept of Total Digital

Government Digital Reinvention in Action

29 May 2018

A day in the life of Sarah, a digitally savvy and socially engaged Londoner. See how Sarah's daily life could be supported by Government services that fit around her needs and her wish to be a...

Small firms still unprepared as GDPR comes into force, business group warns

29 May 2018

The Federation for Small Businesses has urged regulators be patient as firms try to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation


Blurring the boundaries of digital: mapping the journey to a fully digitised government

29 May 2018

Spreading innovation throughout government will require departments, disciplines and sector experts to work together to transform services. Ahead of an exclusive CSW roundtable, co-chaired by GDS...

What changes will GDPR bring? Your questions answered

22 May 2018

New data laws come into force in Europe on May 25, but how will the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affect businesses and the general public?

The New Reality for UK Government

21 May 2018

At the dawn of the AI era, a fundamental change is reshaping the way UK citizens and government services interact. Digital reinvention in government will deliver digital services, to UK citizens,...