Private Sector Insight

Balancing security and digital transformation

22 October 2018

With the annual worldwide cost of cybercrime set to double from $3tn in 2015 to $6tn by 2021, BT offers advice on how chief information security officers can better protect their...

GDPR already isn’t working

15 October 2018

The policies may be in place, but is it happening in practice? BT's Bas de Graaf looks at the reality of GDPR today

What lies behind the AI hype?

11 October 2018

Roderick Crawford of SAS on real use cases, powerful outcomes, and how to achieve them

Three ingredients needed for successful innovation

8 October 2018

PA Consulting's Anita Chandraker explained the secret of successful innovation in a talk to business leaders on 11 July. Below are her three ingredients for making your next move

Simplicity in a complex world

8 October 2018

Cisco's Dominic Elliott shows how global organisations can embrace the benefits of SD-WAN without adding complexity

Are organisations ready for agile learning?

1 October 2018

PA Consulting argues that learning is core to the success of organisations and a critical component of the employee value proposition

BT’s new automation platform accelerates journey to SD-WAN

1 October 2018

BT customers to benefit from improved visibility and management of their hybrid networking infrastructure

Join the fight against cancer and #SleepLikeAHero with the DreamLab app

1 October 2018

There's nothing quite like a good night's sleep, but what if you could make it even better? Find out how to #SleepLikeAHero with the new DreamLab app and help the fight against cancer

Download the DreamLab app and help fight cancer while you sleep

1 October 2018

DreamLab runs on Android and iOS and is free to download. Each time you plug your phone in to charge, and are connected to the internet, it will start to crunch the vital research data needed to...

Four million calculations and climbing: DreamLab app enters important second phase

1 October 2018

Things are ramping up on Project DRUGS, with the DreamLab app having now crunched over four million calculations. But we're just getting started...

Make more of your digital transformation with Intelligent Connectivity

25 September 2018

When it comes to digital transformation, you want your organisation to lead from the front

How can Wales profit from the economy of the future?

24 September 2018

As Wales faces a time of political change, PA Consulting's economic development and local public services specialist Karen Cherrett sets out how the country can face the challenges and seize...