General election 2015: No clear lead in final pre-election polls

Labour and Conservatives neck-and-neck as country heads to the polls for election 2015

By John Ashmore

07 May 2015

The final clutch of opinion polls continued to put the Tories and Labour neck-and-neck today, while confirming the SNP were heading for a landslide. 

The final YouGov poll for the Sun puts both the largest parties on 34%, while its separate Scottish survey gave the SNP a huge 48%, 20 points ahead of Labour. 

The latest Survation poll for the Mirror had the Tories and Labour tied on 31.4%, with Ukip on 15.7%, while a ComRes survey for ITV/Daily Mail gave the Tories a one point lead. 

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The overall 'poll of polls' published by UK Polling Report has the Tories on 34%, just a point ahead of Ed Miliband's party.

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