Private Sector Insight

How can Government Commercial ensure it has the basics right before trying new trends?

13 January 2020

Why is all the talk on new trends, when doing the basics right is still a challenge for many organisations? Proxima offers advice for those organisations enticed by promised developments who still...

The public sector is harnessing new technologies to deliver meaningful change

10 January 2020

How can local authorities and government departments ensure that civil servants are able to fulfil their potential in times of increasingly squeezed budgets? Arvato explains 

Network Rail: Driving investment in rail upgrades with innovative revenue generation

7 January 2020

PA Consulting details their work supporting Network Rail in raising the necessary funds to complete their Rail Upgrade Plan 

Was legendary grand master Yoda using red teaming to evaluate all his defences?

17 December 2019

Take away all the boundaries in security testing, and protect your organisation from the dark side, with red teaming to evaluate your defences and expect the unexpected - BT explains how 

University of Manchester: Helping researchers do their best work

17 December 2019

How does a university ensure that it is supporting researchers to become world class? PA Consulting writes about the work they did at the University of Manchester

Government Commercial: A year in review

13 December 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, Proxima looks back at the topics which have shaped this year in the commercial and procurement sphere – and predicts which buzzwords may feature heavily in 2020

How an agile mindset can accelerate progress towards Mobility-as-a-Service

10 December 2019

Embracing Mobility-as-a-Service would enable passengers more control over their journeys - and the government has recognised the potential. PA Consulting takes us through their recommended...

From uptime to outcomes: How IT service providers are linking their performance to real business outcomes

5 December 2019

What is outcome based contracting, and how does it represent an area for potential in the public sector? Proxima dives in 

Three best-practice measures in the event of a data breach

3 December 2019

To have the best chance of an effective response and a full recovery, organisations should have a robust incident response strategy in place, says BT 

How investment promotion agencies can move from competition to collaboration to achieve inclusive growth

3 December 2019

In our current investment climate, competition just doesn't provide the same opportunities for growth anymore. PA Consulting argues that collaboration between IPAs must be the way forward ...

Blockchain can drive the Circular Economy

26 November 2019

The Circular Economy promises to help build a greener future - but it requires trust and transparency. PA Consulting argues that blockchain is the solution

How to take control of your network

26 November 2019

We hear from BT about why delivering a great customer experience depends on your network visibility 

The paralysis of purdah amid Brexit purgatory

20 November 2019

Are you wondering what happens to procurement activities during purdah? Proxima explains what the pre-election restrictions mean for Government Commerical 

The future of voice: how to successfully transform your legacy voice estate

19 November 2019

Organisations are increasingly having to replace their legacy voice infrastructure as traditional analogue and ISDN lines are being phased out. BT talk about how they can help the transition...