Private Sector Insight

University of Cambridge: Managing change in research support clears the way for a more competitive Cambridge

18 March 2020

Competition among the world's research-focussed universities is fierce. PA Consulting outlines their work with the University of Cambridge to improve its support structures for further success...

“We have an obligation as part of the fabric of the UK”: An interview with BT's Simon Godfrey

16 March 2020

As the UK’s largest provider of broadband, mobile, and fixed-line services, BT sees itself as an institution and a company combined. Director of government relations Simon Godfrey sits down with...

Transforming citizen-facing services

16 March 2020

BJSS is an award-winning technology consultancy with nearly ten years experience helping the public sector deliver on a range of technology projects. Head of public sector Susheel Dodeja sits down...

A new era of digital problem solving

16 March 2020

For 27 years ThoughtWorks has helped organisations solve complex business problems where technology is the differentiator. But as UK digital transformation lead Luke Vinogradov explains, the...

The barriers to a National Data Strategy are falling: it’s time to move forward

12 March 2020

For nearly three years, data managers across government have been waiting for the long-promised National Data Strategy. Civica’s Mark Humphries points out that the obstacles to its development are...

Women in procurement: In conversation with DHSC’s commercial director

5 March 2020

Women are still underrepresented in the procurement industry. For International Women’s Day, Proxima lays out suggestions for improvement, and speaks with DHSC’s Melinda Johnson

Coronavirus: What does it mean for government’s supply chain?

21 February 2020

Covid-19 is not only going to change how we view risk in our suppliers, it may also change how government thinks about buying, writes Proxima

How Finance, IT and Commercial can work together for success

10 February 2020

Cloud computing is here to stay - but what does that mean for commercial functions? Proxima explains how best to optimise the Cloud across organisations 

Is the circular economy the answer to overconsumption?

24 January 2020

Overconsumption is creating new risks for both society and commercial functions to manage. Proxima investigates whether the circular economy might present a solution

How can Government Commercial ensure it has the basics right before trying new trends?

13 January 2020

Why is all the talk on new trends, when doing the basics right is still a challenge for many organisations? Proxima offers advice for those organisations enticed by promised developments who still...

The public sector is harnessing new technologies to deliver meaningful change

10 January 2020

How can local authorities and government departments ensure that civil servants are able to fulfil their potential in times of increasingly squeezed budgets? Arvato explains 

Network Rail: Driving investment in rail upgrades with innovative revenue generation

7 January 2020

PA Consulting details their work supporting Network Rail in raising the necessary funds to complete their Rail Upgrade Plan 

Was legendary grand master Yoda using red teaming to evaluate all his defences?

17 December 2019

Take away all the boundaries in security testing, and protect your organisation from the dark side, with red teaming to evaluate your defences and expect the unexpected - BT explains how 

University of Manchester: Helping researchers do their best work

17 December 2019

How does a university ensure that it is supporting researchers to become world class? PA Consulting writes about the work they did at the University of Manchester