Private Sector Insight

IBM Bite Sized Insights: The best answer is never predictable

17 April 2018

Mayank Prakash, Chief Digital & Information Officer, DWP discusses collaboration for innovation needing an eco-system.

‘My work now is more independent' - Q&A with BT's Nick Hartley

3 April 2018

Hartley was a senior officer in the RAF and now works in cyber security for BT. Ahead of the BT Cyber Security Careers Insight, the Officers' Association asked him to share his transition story....

IBM Bite Sized Insights: Artificial Intelligence is overhyped

3 April 2018

Mayank Prakash, Chief Digital & Information Officer, DWP comments on the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Government

The multicloud era is here. Is your team ready?

26 March 2018

IBM's David Metcalfe explains how IBM Cloud Private can help organisations meet tough IT challenges

Hollywood can teach us a lot about technology

26 March 2018

BT's Andy Rowland on technological risk, and how the systems fundamental to modern life are under attack

IBM Cognitive Government

15 March 2018

Interview with Julia Glidden from IBM looking at what cognitive is and how it can help government gain actionable insights to improve services and society.

How to quantify cyber risk

15 March 2018

BT's Malcolm Stokes explains how organisations can attribute accurate figures to cyber risks in order to make a viable business case.

What is government digital reinvention?

8 March 2018

IBM's Sharon Bagshaw explains why it's important to be clear about what digital reinvention means, and the focus areas for delivering truly transformative public services

Cyber security is one of the greatest man-made challenges of our time

6 March 2018

BT's Ben Azvine argues that the frequency and impact of breaches is increasing and we need to continuously adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the threat environment

IBMs Approach to Cloud Computing

6 March 2018

An interview with Jacqui Davey from IBM on IBM's strategy for cloud computing and how it is evolving

Starting the Cognitive Computing journey with IBM

27 February 2018

Interview with Karolin Nakonz from IBM who talks about the cognitive computing journey and how it can improve public services.