Private Sector Insight

Government Digital Reinvention in Action

29 May 2018

A day in the life of Sarah, a digitally savvy and socially engaged Londoner. See how Sarah's daily life could be supported by Government services that fit around her needs and her wish to be a...

Small firms still unprepared as GDPR comes into force, business group warns

29 May 2018

The Federation for Small Businesses has urged regulators be patient as firms try to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation


Blurring the boundaries of digital: mapping the journey to a fully digitised government

29 May 2018

Spreading innovation throughout government will require departments, disciplines and sector experts to work together to transform services. Ahead of an exclusive CSW roundtable, co-chaired by GDS...

What changes will GDPR bring? Your questions answered

22 May 2018

New data laws come into force in Europe on May 25, but how will the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affect businesses and the general public?

The New Reality for UK Government

21 May 2018

At the dawn of the AI era, a fundamental change is reshaping the way UK citizens and government services interact. Digital reinvention in government will deliver digital services, to UK citizens,...

Building trust in the digital age

15 May 2018

BT argues that the digital age requires a certain level of trust in technology. But how can we establish this and still make the most of digital transformation?

IBM Bite Sized Insights: AI will help us in ways that a human being never could

2 May 2018

Anne Marie, Chief Operating Officer, Ocado Technology comments on what the key emerging technologies are that will make a difference to her business.

IBM Bite Sized Insights: You have to understand users' needs

24 April 2018

Mayank Prakash, Chief Digital & Information Officer, DWP discusses business challenges that must be overcome in order to innovate and progress the digital customer/citizen journey.