White Papers

Insider Data Breach Survey 2020


This report from Egress, built on the back of an independent survey, explores the significant challenge of insider breaches – employees either deliberately or accidentally sharing sensitive data.

The Capability Conundrum: Resourcing challenges in Government Commercial


As austerity has loosened its grip, and with Brexit looming, government spend with consultancies has crept back up. The consultancy costs reported in departments’ annual reports totalled £332 million for 2017-18. This report from Proxima asks whether government has learnt from past mistakes. 

Why 'savings' is a dirty word in government


The National Audit Office (NAO) estimates that there are over 100,000 commercial relationships in place across the five largest Whitehall departments, and there will be many more looking across government as a whole. The intention is that each and every one will deliver value for money - this report examines the reality. 

Is workforce transformation the key to improving commercial capability?


This new report by Proxima examines the government's procurement strategy, and asks whether the transformations undertaken so far are effective in improving the commercial capabilities of departments.

SD-WAN is the cornerstone of network transformation


This new report by International Data Corporation shows why digital transformation should go hand in hand with network transformation and reviews the factors that organisations should carefully consider in their network migration. 

How can data tell a story that keeps a vulnerable person safe?


This new report from EY shows how collecting and analysing data from multiple households can lead to early intervention and better outcomes for less money.

The Future of Public Sector Connectivity


This report outlines five connectivity trends affecting the public sector - and how your organisation should respond to them

2018 Unisys Security Index: United Kingdom Report


This report highlights the changing priorities of UK citizens in terms of security, are they still concerned most about physical safety, or is the threat of identity theft and online fraud now a greater concern? 

Delivering Artificial Intelligence in Government


This report from the IBM Centre for the Business of Government oulines a maturity model for departments and agencies to develop the capacity and capabilities to fully leverage AI’s potential.

Closing the Global Productivity Gap


This report draws on two studies commissioned by Vodafone coupled with expert opinion to identify the primary forces influencing employee performance in the public sector and the keys to not only unlocking the door to greater productivity, but also a more motivated, engaged, happier and healthier workforce.

Sharing the benefits: How to use data effectively in the public sector


This report by Reform demonstrates the potential of data sharing to transform the delivery of public services and improve outcomes for citizens. It explores how government can overcome various challenges to ‘get data right’ and enable better use of personal data within and between public-sector organisations. 

How to Implement Intelligent Automation: A simple guide for smart humans


This whitepaper by Thoughtonomy is designed to demonstrate how organisations can realise the benefits of intelligent automation in helping to achieve their ambitions – from reducing operating costs to driving revenue growth, and from improved customer experience to creating a happier workforce. 

Dispelling the myth: future networks


This paper looks to dispel some of the myths around global networks, and explain how BT Intelligent Connectivity delivers smarter networks. Networks that help you transform your organisation and meet your challenges – today and in the future.

AI in the public sector: Understanding the barriers and benefits


This joint report by IBM and New Statesman looks at the range of advantages this new technology will bring to the public sector, ultimately driving economic growth and benefiting society as a whole. 

The new reality for government


This IBM-commissioned report by Bloor Research looks at some of the fundamental technological changes that are reshaping the social contract, and how the government should adapt. 

Data and Government: What Lies Ahead


This whitepaper by Cognizant in partnership with Dods explores the progress of data-driven initiatives and outlines what lies ahead for the government to gain value from data.

A Spotlight on the UKs Public Sector Landscape


This report, produced by CS Healthcare, takes a closer look at the public sector landscape and explores the spread of public sector jobs in the UK and the gender pay gap.

Approaching Cloud Computing in Government


IBM has partnered with iGov Survey to examine the usage of Cloud computing across government. This report details the results of the survey. 

Digital Reinvention in action: What to do and how to make it happen


This IBM whitepaper shows how Digital Reinvention will involve a fundamental reimagining of how organisations operate and how they engage with their environment. 

Securing the digital enterprise


This report from BT explores the five steps you have to navigate to protect your organisation from attack.

The Digital Frontline: Rethinking the use of data and information in modern policing


Dods partnered with MarkLogic to explore how police forces today are using data and what the barriers are to doing so more effectively. Front-line and senior employees from 34 regional police forces across the UK were surveyed, illustrating how ineffective data management may be costing police valuable time.

Why Vodafone for Stormont


This report by Vodafone offers Stormont solutions backed by Vodafone's infrastructure, ensuring high levels of availability, security and resilience.

Five trends driving digital government


This report by Vodafone offers central government solutions backed by Vodafone's infrastructure, ensuring high levels of availability, security and resilience.

Cisco 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report


The Cisco 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report explores the dynamics of the escelating impact of security breaches, the pace and scale of technology, and how threat actors are infiltrating systems.

IBM pathways for GDPR readiness


This IBM paper helps organisations better understand how they can start preparing for the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Analytics for Government: Better decisions, smarter policies at less cost and risk


This SAS paper demonstrates how analytics can help central government organisations increase revenue, minimise risk, better focus resources and even save lives. It also provides a roadmap to help departments as they evolve.

Our Changing State: Mergers and demergers of non-departmental public bodies


This whitepaper by Browne Jacobson comes on the heels of a roundtable that explored how the public sector can develop awareness of and better manage reforms to its landscape.

The Future Workplace: How is disruptive technology influencing business decision makers?


How are the public and private sectors utilising technology? BT surveyed 1,501 key IT decision makers from organisations of all sizes across the UK to see how they're embracing the technologies at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Bringing digital transformation to local government


This Citrix whitepaper explores the challenges faced by local governments and IT professionals to make services intuitive and convenient in an environment of growing demand and unprecedented cuts in expenditures.