White Papers

Best Practices for IT Asset Discovery


This free white paper by SolarWinds maps out the top eight “must-have” aspects of IT asset discovery that combine to make up a best-practice approach. 

How the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation Will Impact Your Organisation


There are big changes happening in areas of data privacy and data sovereignty that you and your organisation ought to know about. This whitepaper by iomart explores how the way organisations handle customer information today may not be compliant with new regulations that kick in this year. 

Good Practice Guide 13: Log & Event Manager


This free white paper by SolarWinds explains how Log & Event Manager can help you pinpoint potential security issues, simplify and automate incident response, and achieve GPG13 compliance.

Business Anywhere: The ultimate guide to flexible working


At a time when 14.1 million British workers want to work flexibly, why aren’t more employers and organisations facilitating it? This Microsoft e-guide explains what flexible working is, outlines the benefits it can bring, and debunks common myths.

Meeting the Government Digital Service’s guidelines for Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 is a convenient platform that enables easy collaboration, shared information, and work flexibility, but public sector organisations must be careful to take into account the Government Digital Service (GDS) standards on data protection. 

Strengthening communities: how technology is raising service quality and building public trust


The public sector needs to be trustworthy and efficient but, according to public sector leaders, there is some way to go before this is fully achieved.

Driving Down IT Costs for the Public Sector

Cloud is underpinning the digital transformation taking place in the UK public sector. This paper will help you build the right strategy to move from legacy systems


Sopra Steria: 2015 Digital Trends Survey


The civil service is in the process of making the transition to digital by default in a challenging financial climate. With ambitious targets, both for services and efficiencies, getting digital transformation right is key to the success of the whole civil service. This research, carried out by Sopra Steria and Dods, examines the progress that the civil service has made in implementing digital services, identifying areas of success and challenges yet to be overcome.

Case Study: Immediate savings for Poole Borough Council


Poole Council achieved immediate savings of £60k and projected savings of £750k by working with cloud facilitators SystemsUp – an iomart company - to plan its use of cloud services.


IT Strategy and Trends in the Public Sector


With the continuation of the austerity agenda it is clear that public sector IT budgets will be under even more constraints. This research, carried out by BT, explores what IT strategies public sector organisations are prioritising, and the specific budget challenges IT leaders face in implementing them.


Digital Citizenship


Challenges are driving change in UK cities. Economic restructuring, rising urban populations, an ageing population and pressures on public finance have all combined to make urban authorities contemplate a seismic shift in the public sector model. 

Download this white paper by BT to explore how wealth creation and public services can be linked to create a model for future growth and wellbeing.


Nine to five in 2025


Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures at BT Technology, offers her expert predictions on what the working day will look like in 2025.

Download the paper by filling in the form below.

A brief guide on the implementation of agile working practices


Download a brief guide on the implementation of agile working practicesFlexiform offers a complementary audit service to assess what stage your organisation is currently at in relation to agile working. To take advantage of this free service by downloading now

Recruitment challenges in the NHS


Monster, in conjunction with Dods Research, conducted a survey of 2,951 NHS staff to gain some insight in to the nature of the recruiting process within the NHS

Improving customer experience in the public sector: Insight from the civil service


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Civil Service World carried out research in early 2015 focussing on the current customer experience practice and plans of central government departments and arm's length bodies

Social Recruitment 2020


As the job market shifts from a jobs-led one to one which is candidate-led, we will see brand reputation and a transparent candidate experience become the foundations for successful social recruiting in the years ahead. 

So, how will social recruiting evolve in the coming five years? 

Employee Engagement 2020


The desire to motivate employees through the provision of a pleasant workplace and a good working atmosphere is not new. 

Despite this, organisations are still falling behind when it comes to employee retention, loyalty, engagement and motivation. 

Download this whitepaper to find out why employee engagement is so important

Employer Branding 2020 Part 2


Are you ready for 2020? Will your employer branding strategy guarantee you'll hire the best candidates?

In Employer Branding 2020: Part 1, we explained the concept of employer branding. To achieve good employer branding, we explained, organisations need a holistic and authentic approach. 

In this paper we re-cap on this holistic approach, and why external branding depends on a successful brand. 

5 myths about leading a virtual team


If the thought of leading a virtual team makes you sweat, you aren’t alone. It’s new terrain for many, but it also carries some common misconceptions. Once you get past these, you’ll see it’s not that unfamiliar at all. 

This brief explores 5 widely believed myths about leading virtual teams and what you can do to overcome them. 

Life after Windows 2003 Server – the options


With the end of support for Windows 2003 looming, what can public sector organisations to do to make migration to a new system easier?

Top 6 challenges of channel shift — and how to tackle them


The way that government services are delivered is changing. The need to increase the take up of digital services provided to the local communities, combined with the continued squeeze on budgets  following the election, means the public sector faces a host of different challenges. 

"Working from home" for knowledge workers – how to make it work


Mobile working–even from home. Everyone is thinking about it and some people are already doing it. But working in your own home presents knowledge workers with a whole new set of challenges: bias, unwelcome distractions and self-discipline. Having a master plan is part of the solution. 


Cornerstone Insight: Engagement and training in the Civil Service


The Civil Service carries out an annual People Survey which measures engagement across their service and within each department. With over 274,000 participants in 2014, this survey is a valuable resources for senior managers across government. Cornerstone's survey provides a complementary resource, giving managers further insights which can inform their plans to improve engagement. Here we draw out some of these insights, focusing on how age, seniority and length of employment relates to engagement levels. 

7 myths about the future of work...and how you can create tomorrow's workplace today


We’re all aware that digitalisation and globalisation are dramatically changing our working environment. And now there are so many myths flying around about the future of work – which ones are really worth paying attention to? 


People Power: Cost-effective public participation - a guide to the issues


Based on research commissioned by Northgate Public Services with civil servants, public service organisations and the general public, find out what people are doing to support more cost-effective public services, what would motivate them to do more and what policy makers might consider doing to unlock the potential. 

The Ultimate Checklist for Video Conferences and Online Meetings: how the public sector can make the most of meetings


Enjoy better meetings with colleagues, customers and business partners. Simply print out the checklist, keep it at your desk and pass it on to colleagues.

Devo Max - Devo Manc: Place-based public services


The increasing demand for greater devolution will bring substantial challenges to Whitehall departments including changes to their core policy functions. BT and ResPublica explore how greater devolution will affect civil servants

Art of connecting: creativity and the modern CIO


According to research published by BT, Art of Connecting: creativity and the modern CIO, 81 per cent of public sector CIOs say that their role is fundamentally changing. And despite many challenges, most agree that it’s changing for the better. Find out how the impact of the changing role affects the skills set needed.