White Papers

The Little Book of Big Weekends


The Little Book of Big Weekends by Boundless has 35 fun and unusual ideas for short-breaks and days out in the UK to inspire and surprise you, from sleeping in a luxury tree house to staying at Britain’s most remote pub.

6 common threats to your signed documents


This SigningHub e-book explores six of the most common threat scenarios associated with e-signing processes and how you should respond. 

Identifying effective mobile workforce management


This new research by Kirona indicates that field-based teams could be significantly more productive, with poor quality processes and a reliance on outdated paper-based systems stymieing progress. As this report suggests, government has a real opportunity to make significant cost savings and noticeable improvements with new technologies available to them. 

Digital Transformation: The Age of Innocence, Inertia or Innovation?


This Microsoft report takes a look at the views of more than 1,000 business and IT leaders from large UK organisations across a variety of sectors in an effort to better understand how they're thinking about disruption and their own digital transformation journeys. 

Digital Transformation Skills for Government


This short Microsoft e-book reviews the seven key digital transformation skills the public sector needs to harness to optimise operations and transform service delivery.

Transforming Public Sector Productivity


Using the results of a BlackBerry-commissioned Dods Research survey of over 4,000 UK public sector workers, this report offers a clear picture of how the public sector is faring in its attempts to adopt mobile working practices

Poole Hospital reduces backup window by 85 per cent


This case study takes a look at how Poole Hospital partnered with HPE for an efficient and scalable backup software solution to protect operational and clinical data.

Charities and the Public Sector: Stronger together


This whitepaper by Vodafone explores how the public sector can partner with charities to continue delivering valued services without compromising quality or efficiency. 

Sopra Steria: Government Digital Trends Survey 2016


Now in its second year, this research by Sopra Steria in conjunction with Dods examines the progress that the civil service has made in implementing digital transformation.

Your guide to unlocking organisational growth with data


This Microsoft eBook explains how you can enhance efficiency and productivity while growing your organisation effectively.

Reimagine Welfare


It’s a sad fact that those least able to heat and power their homes often pay the highest prices. Even taking the low end of these figures, the poorest families in the country are paying a price premium totaling more than a third of a billion pounds.In this report, KPMG reimagines a welfare scheme in which claimants aggregate their individual buying power to become partners in a huge trading block​.

Invigorating the public sector revolution


This report by Civica explores how a public sector cultural revolution is essential to empower the digital citizen and discusses how people, culture and leadership are not only barriers but also enablers of wholesale change.

Cybersecurity in the Government: Managing the ongoing challenge of insider threats


This SolarWinds whitepaper presents the results of a study on the challenges IT professionals face in preventing insider and external IT security threats, and ways to help mitigate this growing potential risk.

Addressing the challenges posed by compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000


The Freedom of Information Act (“the Act”) was introduced across most of the UK in 2000—and in Scotland in 2002—to allow public right of access to information held by public authorities.This whitepaper by HPE focuses on how, 15 years since its passage, the law poses challenges to local authorities and NHS trusts.

Cyber Security Demystified: Your key cloud security questions answered


As the amount of data we collect from an increasing number of sources keeps growing, the risk of that data falling into the wrong hands grows exponentially. This Microsoft eBook guides you through the role you can play in keeping your organisation safe.

Mobile Device Management for a Mobile Workforce


This whitepaper by iomart examines Mobile Device Management from the perspective of planning key concepts for Microsoft Intune, following a project they are delivering for a government agency.

The intelligent Cloud: From information to innovation


Moving to the cloud reduces costs, drives efficiencies and unlocks new opportunities. In this cloud e-guide, Microsoft offers nine key insights into how the cloud can bring about brand new ways of doing things.

Best Practices for IT Asset Discovery


This free white paper by SolarWinds maps out the top eight “must-have” aspects of IT asset discovery that combine to make up a best-practice approach. 

How the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation Will Impact Your Organisation


There are big changes happening in areas of data privacy and data sovereignty that you and your organisation ought to know about. This whitepaper by iomart explores how the way organisations handle customer information today may not be compliant with new regulations that kick in this year. 

Good Practice Guide 13: Log & Event Manager


This free white paper by SolarWinds explains how Log & Event Manager can help you pinpoint potential security issues, simplify and automate incident response, and achieve GPG13 compliance.

Business Anywhere: The ultimate guide to flexible working


At a time when 14.1 million British workers want to work flexibly, why aren’t more employers and organisations facilitating it? This Microsoft e-guide explains what flexible working is, outlines the benefits it can bring, and debunks common myths.

Meeting the Government Digital Service’s guidelines for Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 is a convenient platform that enables easy collaboration, shared information, and work flexibility, but public sector organisations must be careful to take into account the Government Digital Service (GDS) standards on data protection. 

Strengthening communities: how technology is raising service quality and building public trust


The public sector needs to be trustworthy and efficient but, according to public sector leaders, there is some way to go before this is fully achieved.

Driving Down IT Costs for the Public Sector

Cloud is underpinning the digital transformation taking place in the UK public sector. This paper will help you build the right strategy to move from legacy systems


Sopra Steria: 2015 Digital Trends Survey


The civil service is in the process of making the transition to digital by default in a challenging financial climate. With ambitious targets, both for services and efficiencies, getting digital transformation right is key to the success of the whole civil service. This research, carried out by Sopra Steria and Dods, examines the progress that the civil service has made in implementing digital services, identifying areas of success and challenges yet to be overcome.

Case Study: Immediate savings for Poole Borough Council


Poole Council achieved immediate savings of £60k and projected savings of £750k by working with cloud facilitators SystemsUp – an iomart company - to plan its use of cloud services.