White Papers

The Ultimate Checklist for Video Conferences and Online Meetings: how the public sector can make the most of meetings


Enjoy better meetings with colleagues, customers and business partners. Simply print out the checklist, keep it at your desk and pass it on to colleagues.

Devo Max - Devo Manc: Place-based public services


The increasing demand for greater devolution will bring substantial challenges to Whitehall departments including changes to their core policy functions. BT and ResPublica explore how greater devolution will affect civil servants

Art of connecting: creativity and the modern CIO


According to research published by BT, Art of Connecting: creativity and the modern CIO, 81 per cent of public sector CIOs say that their role is fundamentally changing. And despite many challenges, most agree that it’s changing for the better. Find out how the impact of the changing role affects the skills set needed.



Future tense: Five trends that will change the way we work


Contrary to popular opinion, the UK public sector is remarkably ambitious and innovative in the way it uses new technology to change for the better. BT explores the five key workplace trends the civil service must be aware of to continue to innovate and transform the way government works. 

The cloud on your terms: increasing efficiency, delivering shared services and maximising flexibility


HP Converged Cloud for the UK public sector. How Cloud technology can help civil servants and public officials increase efficiency in the age of austerity

Cloud services: the silver lining of government reform?


The strategic benefits of cloud technology have been thoroughly expounded, but can it actually work in practice?

Using Big Data to Support a New Government


An election year is a key time for those making decisions about public services, as an incoming government plans and implements new policies.

Courting the 21st Century Customer: Towards cutting-edge customer experience


This report provides a pan-sector snapshot of current customer experience practice in Europe. We look at those sectors getting it right, why the rest are getting it wrong, and chart a course to customer-centric success through an holistic CX approach that will satisfy even the most high maintenance customer."


On the Case: TCS - Indian Passport Office


Complex public sector projects always present risks due to the transformation happening in the public sphere and multiple stakeholders trying to influence cov

The 2014 Agile Government Index: Creating a more effective government


Self-assessment performed by senior government officials in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom highlights that governments are emphasizing social development over economic development and administrative efficiency 

Bringing the power of SAS to Hadoop


In this whitepaper, SAS explores effective ways to utilise Apache Hadoop an open-source software framework for storage and large-scale data processing on clusters of commodity hard

Collaborative Procurement and the Art of the Possible


New technology and cloud software is increasingly at the heart of current procurement work being done across the sector.

Attracting and retaining talented civil servants


In association with Cornerstone OnDemand, Civil Service World surveyed 4,196 public sector workers to find out what motivates people to join – and stay in – the civil service.

Standards and accreditation – Tools for delivering better regulation


A Handbook describing the role standards and accreditation play in supporting better regulation is available now.

Open public services in a global marketplace


The Open Public Services White Paper assesses how ready the civil service is to embrace global solutions.

Why SAS?


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Innovation and reform in central government


There is huge opportunity for technology to enable public service reform and alleviate pressure within current budgetary constraints. Cultural change is the biggest barrier to transforming government in this way.

Successful partnerships: working effectively with central government


 Creating successful partnerships with private sector organisations can bring great benefits to government, but is not always easy. This round table, hosted by Reform and TCS, discusses the challenges and opportunities

Developing the government's IT capability for a digital future


 This report outlines the results of a survey, carried out by Civil Service World in partnership with Capita IT Professional Services, which highlights structural weaknesses in the civil service’s approach to the IT skills gap and suggests possible solutions for departmental efficiency and digital services.

Five myths about big data, and five ways to unlock its value


In this paper SAS expose the five myths preventing the public sector embracing big data, and highlight the five key reasons it must overcome these barriers and unlock the value of information as soon as possible.

Predicting fire risk and saving lives


Learn how SAS helped the London Fire Brigade (LFB) to analyse their data and understand where London’s fire hotspots are, and find out more about LFB's strategy for teaching households about fire prevention. 

A guide to procuring accredited cloud services


Eduserv, the not-for-profit cloud services provider, has launched a step-by-step guide to help public sector throughout the procurement of accredited cloud. 

Manifesto 2015


With just over a year to go until the general election in May 2015, the three main political parties in the UK will be fine-tuning the policy proposals that will define their respective campaigns.
Manifesto 2015, a briefing document put together by the Dods Monitoring team, looks at the policy and manifesto development process for the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Making the best of it: Why tough times make talent management essential in the public sector


Public sector bodies need to find ways of becoming more flexible and less hierarchical, embracing change and new ways of working, and this will not happen overnight.In this environment, talent management is not optional: it’s essential.

Case Study: Leeds City Council


Leeds City Council boosts engagement and staff performance with learning and performance management system

Pulse of the Profession


Today, organisations face a chasm between what they should be doing — aligning projects to their strategy — and what they are able to accomplish. As a result, 44% of strategic initiatives are unsuccessful.

Analytics in Healthcare


A new IBM Institute for Business Value executive report identifies a framework for healthcare analytics driven management transformation that can help organizations drive value.