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26 November 2019

The argument for government to use business cases is they force a structured conversation about spending, says Andrew Greenway. This is a good idea, but where government puts its money is based on belief as well as analysis

18 November 2019

When governments push the boundaries of democratic legitimacy, keeping calm and carrying on is not the only option for civil servants, says Stefan Czerniawski

15 November 2019

Next month’s election is an opportunity to fix the nation’s broken politics, but politicians must rise to the challenge by remembering the reasons they chose this job in the first place 

13 November 2019

Pre-election talks with shadow ministers pose challenges for permanent secretaries – but are also an opportunity to meet ambitious manifesto commitments with an early dose of realism, says IfG's Catherine Haddon

31 October 2019

Brexit has created a political crisis, but the civil service has stopped it becoming even more destructive, says the former DWP perm sec

22 October 2019

To get the best value for stretched public resources, we need a whole government approach to develop a long-term plan for the nation’s health, says Tim Elwell-Sutton, healthy lives assistant director, the Health Foundation

18 October 2019

Boris Johnson has hailed his new Brexit deal with the EU ahead of a parliamentary vote tomorrow. What’s changed since the last one?

15 October 2019

Former officials have an increasingly public role in national debate – is that always a good thing? Suzannah Brecknell explores how retired mandarins balance their duty to contribute to the public discourse with the self-enforced code of caution

8 October 2019

The Brexit-driven drama of Westminster ratchets up daily, but civil servants must be allowed space to do their job in safety, says FDA union chief

4 October 2019

Finding the right words to describe a problem is important, but we shouldn’t let uncertainty about terminology stop us tackling the challenge of racial disparity, argues a group of civil servants from across government

2 October 2019

Infrastructure and Projects Authority chief executive Nick Smallwood reflects on his first few months since joining government in August and his aims for the agency in 2020