Trade department seeks science chief

£120,000 post will forge links between science and technology sectors in effort to boost trade

By Richard Johnstone

11 Apr 2017

The Department for International Trade has launched a recruitment process for a chief scientific adviser to provide the new department with assistance on the technical aspects of trade deals.

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The department, which was formed last summer by prime minister Theresa May in response to Brexit, said the adviser will also be expected to engage with research, development and academic communities to promote the importance of economic growth.

Writing in the candidate information pack, DIT permanent secretary Antonia Romeo said the £120,000 job would be key to the department’s work in developing, coordinating and delivering a new trade and investment policy for the UK outside the European Union, including through free trade deals.

The post would advise on the technical aspects of trade deals, as well as forging links between science and technology, business and trade to commercialise research and development, she said. 

“To be successful in this post you will be have a strong track record of operating at a senior level in a large fast-paced organisation,” she added. "You will have an in-depth understanding of the links between science, engineering and economic growth, coupled with hands-on experience of forging those links.”

Among the areas highlighted in the job information pack, the advisor will be expected to use a knowledge of the role of science and engineering in the UK’s international trade offer to promote British trade across the world. He or she will also ensure the scientific and technical aspects of international trade negotiations are understood and based on the very best in scientific and technical expertise.

As head of the science and engineering profession in the department, the CSA will also work to ensure the DIT derives maximum benefit from its scientists and engineers and encourages their continued professional development.

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